Inaugural post

1) Why the laundry across the top there? Why not something, I don’t know…. crafty? Eh. I took that picture a while ago because I thought all that girly girly laundry was cute, and never did anything with it. It fit the header nicely, so there it is. Consider the “craft” here to be my amateur laundry photography skillz.

2) I just spent 30 minutes uploading pics of projects I’ve made in the last 6 months, and now I am somehow supposed to choose which one gets to be the first post? Should I go with the oldest? Do this chronologically? Should I go with the best? Most impressive? Knitting or sewing? For Jaynie or for Jonas? How do I choose?

I pick this hat I just made –


I pick it because I am totally in love with it.


And because I have more pictures of it than of any other project.


Two strands of Malabrigo held together (Pollen and Natural), knit on size 10.5 circs, magic loop. Pattern – I fully intended to make one of these, but after about 30 seconds of trying to figure out how to adjust the gauge (I really wanted that chunky, double strand, extra warm fabric) I just made it up as I went. If anyone is interested, I could be persuaded to do it again and write up a pattern along the way. I love love love the way this hat came out. Longer in the back to protect the neck, Whoville-style point, big warm earflaps – what’s not to love?


(Real reason I started with this hat – I knew I could end the post with this cute face. Always a crowd pleaser. )


One response to “Inaugural post

  1. wow jonas…. your mother dresses you funny.

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