A crown for Dexter


Dexter was the boy in our little group of princesses. (I say “was” because he moved away several months ago. Told you I’d been recording my crafting for a while. Somewhere on this computer are pictures of me and a barely two-year-old Jaynie dying yarn with kool-aid. If I find them, I’ll post them.) When we had costume parties, all the girls were all Disneyfied (I think at Madam’s 3rd birthday party we had three Auroras) and Dex would be in a cowboy hat. His mom told me she had been looking for a crown for him, but all she could ever find was girly tiaras. I suggested that one would be easy to make and she looked at me like I was an alien. I guess not everyone has the craft bug.

Anyway – they were leaving and it seemed like a good goodbye present. I made a paper crown that fit Jayne, then opened it up and traced it onto a double layer of light blue felt. Then I traced it onto the dark blue with about an inch of the paper pattern hanging past the edge of the felt (does that make sense? So it was the same shape but not as tall?) Used Jayne’s glue stick to stick them together so they wouldn’t scoot around (very high-tech crafting operation I have going here) then zig-zagged around all the edges. Still needed something so I added the diamonds, Jayne decreed that it should have the big D on the front “so everyone will know who’s crown it is.”

He seemed to like it.


Viva Re Dexter!


2 responses to “A crown for Dexter

  1. the crown is fabulous! clearly, dexter is pleased. 🙂


  2. awww…you rock!

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