The Foofy Tutu

I am SuperMom right now. Months ago I saw this on and knew I must make one. Not the tank top, (that would involve knitting from a pattern, after all. I just like to look at them. Admire them. Think about them. Not actually *knit* from them.) but that big foofy skirt. Look at that thing! Can you imagine anything making the Twink happier?

Apparently I wasn’t the only one struck dumb by it, because if you follow the designer to her webpage she talks about the skirt and describes how she made it.

Seriously – could anything be easier?

Well, the first step was a real pain – acquire five yards of tulle. Sure, all you in the States are thinking “What’s so hard? Just head to WalMart/Joann’s/Micheal’s/any of the 12 fabric stores that are an easy driving distance from my house.” To you all I say – bite me.

After scouring all my shopping resources and pricing tulle online, I stumbled across a fabric seller at market that had a bolt of pink and a bolt of white for a euro a yard (Mmmm – probably a euro a meter. Whatever.) Oh hurray! Jayne was with me, and very excited to see me buying “Princessy fabric! Are you going to make me something?!!!!”

That was about six months ago. So this skirt took 6 months of prep, 5 hours of work. (Quote when she walked into the kitchen and saw me cutting the strips – “Oh! Are you FINALLY making my skirt?” This is not the attitude that wins you fine handcrafted dress-up clothes, Little Miss.)

Anyway – I cut. I tied. There is no sewing involved here. I tied the elastic around her waist for sizing, made a sturdy knot, then started tying the strips of tulle on. Four episodes of The Office (Oh, Jim!) and Ocean’s 13 later, and it was done.


Now I’m the “Best Mommy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!” Well, until I try and make her take a nap….


4 responses to “The Foofy Tutu

  1. I just found your blog via the Craft magazine blog and I thought I’d poke around in the archives a bit. So funny! I love the foofy skirt. I thought the same thing when I saw it in knitty. Now I have to go find some tulle to make one (several) for my niece(s).

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  3. what happend to the pink? that looks like its all white to me (adjusts moniter)

  4. yea, i found your other blog : )

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