Patterns are for pansies.

I did it! I graduated from dishcloths and diaper soakers and knit my very first (and boy am I proud of it) sweater!


Yeah, so it already has food on it and you can’t see the cute cuffs in this pic and he’s SCREAMING HIS FOOL HEAD OFF, (its sooo tough being two!) but I think you can clearly see that this is one stylish sweater! I freaking love it.

(I swear – the screaming has nothing to do with the sweater. See – he tried it on with no problem when it was still a WIP –


– he just wanted the camera. Period. I remember taking some great pictures of my feet when Jaynie and I went through a similar stage.)

Details: Knit on size 6 addi’s with Elsebeth Lavold cotton patine (Thanks Julie!) I followed this tute, but with less math and more “ohpleaseohpleaseohplease let this fit” (and, obviously, without cutting it open at the end.) No pattern, no seaming – just knitting in the round and hoping for the best.  After I did the bind off… I had a sweater!  Amazing!

I am sooooo pleased with this.  Now if only he’d stay still so I could get a decent picture…


Sigh.  Maybe tomorrow.


3 responses to “Patterns are for pansies.

  1. Congrats on The First Sweater 🙂 It’s a perfect fit! Now make one for yourself? 😉

  2. Ha. That is both a lot of knitting and a lot of yarn. What good is having tiny children if you don’t make all your projects pint-sized? 😉

  3. Great sweater (and for a first too!!) Love the pics.

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