Crafty, or just cheap?

First – an alarming thing has happened.  I started this blog because I finished like 4 projects in 4 days and that was incredible and thrilling and I was feeling like AmazingCraftGoddess and needed to tell everyone about it.

Since starting this blog?  I haven’t so much as picked up a skein of yarn.  Pretty soon I’m going to run out of old pictures to show you and I’ll actually have to do something creative.  I’m thinking hat for me out of this gorgeous handspun (its good to be friends with a fiber goddess 😉 .)   Any pattern suggestions?  (I know – crazy talk.  A pattern?  What can I say – I’m in the mood to walk on the wild side.)  (Now that I’m looking at it, I’m thinking maybe one of those little short scarf/neck warmer/thingamahoozers instead?  Hmmmm.)

Anyway – on to the post.  (That wasn’t post, that was just warm up.)

Sometimes, crafting is born from a creative urge.  Sometimes, out of necessity. Sometimes?  Because you’re too damn cheap to throw anything away.  Which is how this dress for a two-year-old –


Became this skirt for a three-year-old –


This is so easy and obvious it doesn’t deserve a tutorial.  Cut off top part of dress.  Add elastic to waist. Voila!  New skirt for free.  I did this with several dresses last year.


(Although inexplicably only have pictures of these two.)  I’ve also discovered that boys rompers can be shirts the next year if you just cut off the bottoms.  Perfectionists would then hem the cut edge, slacker moms like me just dress him in it and think the rolled bottom adds “visual interest.”  Or, you could just let him run around in the unfinished shirt, your shoes, and no pants.  Then nobody would even notice the roll…


So, my pretties. I challenge you to go forth and look in those closets.  Kids don’t necessarily neeeeed an entirely new store-bought wardrobe every year.  Be creative.  Recycle.  It does your wallet good. 🙂


3 responses to “Crafty, or just cheap?

  1. (I’m starting to feel like a stalker or something… really I’m just reading your archives)(honest)

    Most of my crafting ideas come about because I’m cheap. Too cheap to throw something away, too cheap to buy something when I could make it myself. I usually avoid telling people that though… just let them bask in the creative genius. (bah hahaha hahaha… ehem)

    (honest: not stalking)

  2. i googled thingamahoozers then clicked on your blog just to make you wonder why somone would google thingamahoozers. be ready for this in the future. i wont tell you it was me again : )

  3. you should watch out… i think lori is stalking you.

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