I’ve lost my damn phone.

This is ironic, because one of the older FO’s I’d planned to show you is this –


The beautiful phone cozy (or as Madam calls it – “Mommy’s Phone Necklace”) I made myself after I lost my second phone.

You read that right. I’m on phone number three since moving here in Sept.06. Or I was, till I lost it.


Phone number three in happier times.

Joe says I absolutely cannot have another phone. I think he may be right. I’m obviously jinxed. Phone number one got left in the library (“What do you mean where’s my phone? I thought you grabbed it!”) Phone number two got didn’t make it out of the cart and into the car after grocery shopping. (“You did get my phone when you got Jonas, right? It was right next to him. What? What do you mean no?”) This one must have just slipped out of my bag when I was out somewhere… which TOTALLY SUCKS! Because if this was the first, well – accidents happen. Even the second. Maybe. But the third? Arrrrrggghhh. I’ll never have a cool phone again.


There it is in action. Too bad I wasn’t using it yesterday. Its really, really hard to lose a phone that’s tied around your neck. Not so hard, apparently, to lose one that’s floating loose inside a huge tote bag.

Well – I’m off to bang my head against the wall 6000 times.

ETA – This just in! My phone was found in a box at the thrift store! Translation – I donated my damn phone. Good news: I get it back. Bad news: Joe thinks I’m a moron. Ah, well. Now we’re even. 😉


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