My Favorite Soaker


We cloth diaper around here, (yes, I’m just that crazy) which means we need soakers. Short ones, long ones, knit ones, fleece ones. Soakers made from recycled sweaters. Soakers hand knit by friends. Soakers from patterns, soakers made up as I go…. soakers.

This was the first time I used the CurlyPurly pleated waistband (directions are in the soaker pattern – last one on the page), and I can’t recommend it highly enough. People – if you are going to knit a soaker, USE THIS WAISTBAND. Such a difference. So stretchy! Super-fantastic.

Jenn’s tip for sucessful soaker making (whether sewing or knitting) – figure out how high you want the waist to go…. then double it. Seriously. Every pair of wet jammies I’ve ever changed has been wet from touching the top of the dipe where it peeks out above the soaker. Make the thing go up to their armpits if you have to (not really – would be hot in the summer.) Just don’t make it too low. You will think “This is tooooo high” and then you put it on and its just right. Never underestimate how much a bulky-stuffed-with-extra-pads-nighttime diaper is. You need a loooong soaker for that thing.

I did the waistband, I increased for the hips, I short-rowed the butt… then when I thought it was long enough I just divided into two legs and knit down. I think my original plan was longies until I realized that I am way, way too lazy for that.


It came out perfect. He’s wearing it tonight and I’m happy in the knowledge that he’ll be comfy and dry in the morning. (The fact that he peed on Jaynie’s bed, my living room rug, and the couch right before being diapered helps with that security. Hard to soak through both the dipe and wool pants when you’re running on empty.)

PS – Having your first real knitting project be something to collect PEE really helps you get over that “every handknit is precious” problem a lot of new knitters have. No carefully folding and hiding in drawers for us. We *use* the handknits in this house. 😉

PPS – Forgot the details. Knit on size 6 addi’s (Because that’s the only size I have and they’re my favorite needles. Approx 95% of my stuff is knit on size 6’s. 😉 ) Main color is recycled yarn, (Bought a giant ugly scarf for1Euro that was 100% wool and gave me 4 big balls of yarn. Nice.) waist and cuffs are Malabrigo that Jayne and I dyed with Easter egg dye. She decided that Jonas should have a red, white, and blue soaker. I don’t know why. I guess he was looking very patriotic that day or something.


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