Wednesday is craft with the kids day!

Yeah – I know its Thursday. Thanks. This isn’t an instant process, you know. I have to do the craft. I have to take the pictures. I have to upload and resize the pictures. I have to come up with all this witty banter. Its exhausting and time intensive.

Plus – I wanted to watch Heroes last night instead of blog. Sue me.

On to the pics!


I’m not one for schedules. We are very fly by the seat of our pants around here. That said, there were things we were always *meaning* to do, *wanting* to do, *totally going to get around to that any day now and DO IT* going to do…. but never actually doing. Example – they offer a Tae Kwon Do class for 3-year-olds here on base. Jaynie wanted to do it. It cost $90 plus whatever for the uniform. Joe, while thrilled that she was interested, said “Forget that! (Okay, he didn’t say “forget”, but this is a family friendly blog after all.) I can teach her Tae Kwon Do at home for free!” We ask Jayne if she would rather learn Tae Kwon Do at the gym from a stranger with lots of other kids in the class, or at home from Daddy – to be special “Jaynie and Daddy” time. She picked Daddy (its all about the sales pitch.) They did it once. It was cute. They’ve never had another lesson.

I own 37 billion craft books. I save egg cartons and cardboard paper towel rolls and seashells. I very rarely actually craft with my kids. One of the new classes starting up is an art class. Jayne wanted to do it. It cost $70 and we’d miss at least two of them when we went home for my sister’s wedding. Again – “I can teach her that!” (For the record, when its *not* something we can teach her, and when its something she’s reaaaaaaaaally interested in, we shell out the cash. She’s currently taking ballet, and in the summer she’ll take soccer and maybe gymnastics. But $70 for eight, one-hour craft sessions? When I have a house full of paint and glitter and cardboard and clay and glue and shells and…. Come on!)

So we decided to get organized. Make up a little weekly schedule of events. Nothing crazy – I’m not scheduling our park outings or when we brush our teeth, but putting down on paper that Tae Kwon Do “class” happens on Sunday morning. “Art Class with Mommy” happens on Wednesday, etc. Our first project was to make our weekly calendar.


I cut out all the paper shapes (because I’m overprotective and paranoid and still don’t really let her use scissors) and she glued them all together. I wrote the activities on the appropriate day, and she and her brother decorated with stickers and glitter.


(Brother not shown because he got tired of being bossed around and wandered off to stick stickers on my TV)


(Take that, Steve!)

It was fun, and now we’re a little more organized. I started with Tae Kwon Do, Art, Ballet, and StoryTime at the library, but then tried to think of at least one fun/enriching/practical thing for each day. This is my favorite – I couldn’t think of anything for Saturday, and then it hit me like a bolt from above (Ok, so not so much with the fun and enriching, but practical? Hoo-ah!) ….


(Ridiculously enough, its her favorite one, too. I could have put “Ice cream party!” under “Vaccinations at the clinic!” and it still would have been the favorite.)

We’ll end with Jonas demonstrating what a moron I was to put 3 hours worth of work right above her bed where he can reach it –


(Yeah – he’s totally pulling the stickers off. Probably thought th e TV could use a few more.)

Tomorrow I show you my amazing, beautiful, colorful, awe-inspiring, jealousy-inducing living room window. Stay tuned!


6 responses to “Wednesday is craft with the kids day!

  1. I love it! Did you make the Jaynie picture as well? That is amazing. Very good idea. 🙂

  2. I did do that painting. It originally was going to say “Jaynie’s room”, but I thought that one day the kids may room together, and it would be better to just have their names. They can hang on their respective walls or something. (Notice I’m acting like I’ve done a Jonas one. Heh. Any day now. Really, honey, I’ll get to it….)

  3. Maybe if I made my schedule so cute, sparkly, and colorful, I’d actually stick to it! I bow down to your art skillz.

    I totally will refrain from saying that you sound so very homeschooley in this post….

  4. Nice refraining. 😉

  5. Holy crap, that Jaynie painting is awwwweeeesome!

  6. I love that Jaynie sign.
    did you do a Jonas one yet?
    how about a Violet? : )

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