Who needs curtains?


I don’t like curtains. They get dirty. The kids pull on them. They block the light. They never fit in the next house we move to. Hanging those rods is a pain in my butt.

I also don’t like neighbors being able to watch me wander around the house in my pj’s at 3pm, either. Solution?


Gallery Glass paint by Plaid. I love this stuff. The first time I used it it was to paint a huge bizzaro “family portrait” (at the time this meant me, Joe, and our cats. Yeah.) on a window in Lakenheath. I’m sure the neighbors thought I was nuts (although – they couldn’t stand on the sidewalk outside and see up into my bed anymore! Score!)

This time I was inspired by windows I kept seeing on our trip to Germany.  (Google – you are letting me down here.  Surely you have an image of this?  I’m just not a good enough Googler to find it?)  They looked like they were made from the cut-off bottoms of colored glass bottles.  Awesome.  Simple.  Colorful.  Beautiful.  People – we had a winner.


(Photo artfully cropped so my unfinished edges don’t show.)


I think I love this window.  It gives us privacy, it makes colored circles on the wall when the sun is right, the kids love to look through the different circles (“Mommy!  Everything outside looks purple!  Wait! Now everything looks green!”), plenty of light still comes in, and it looks great.  At night it looks great from the outside.


(This is where I would put a picture taken from the outside, if I could have been

bothered at any point in the last 5 days to go out after dark and take one.)


One front window down, two to go….  (should be done by the time we move in 2009.)


4 responses to “Who needs curtains?

  1. I tried to do that in my bathroom. Let us just say that it looks nothing like any of the ones you have done. It looked like I let loose the dog with liquid leading. Aaargh.
    I love the inspiration for the window and how well it carried over. 🙂 Maybe when we move you can come back and do mine.

  2. Oh, absolutely I’ll come over and paint your windows. The design will incorporate the phrase “IL FREE HOUSE!” 😉

    (The first one I did was a pane of glass laying down on my table. The ones I’ve done right on the window – where I have to paint vertically – are quite a bit more challenging. You may just want to practice a bit. Or, they sell those leading “strips” that are basically stickers if you want a lot of perfect, beautiful straight lines. 🙂 )

  3. The german word for this kind of window is “butzenscheibe” – “butzenglas” will also work.
    It’s not an easy one… Try this with google to become a perfect Googler. 🙂

  4. Found you because of the new octopus window painting for your little Lad’s room. I LOVE this window. I can see how this could be an addictive craft! You’re going to run out of windows.

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