Backwards progress

This weekend the kimono came off the needles. I looked at it for a long time, prepared to seam, folded, thought about it, held it up to a doll, checked my calendar….

then turned it back into this lovely ball of pink yarn.


Photographed on the windowsill, to help me remember that not *all* of my projects are abysmal failures.



This is what I love about knitting – its just like ceramics. The worst that happens is you end up back where you started. The only waste is your time, and if you are doing this for fun… well, more fun for you! Now I have a new ball of yarn to play with, and a baby gift to buy. (Jayne wants me to make a kimono for her. All the other little ballerinas in her class have those cute wrap sweaters to keep warm with, she usually wears a Cinderella sweatshirt. Guess I’m off to do some math. Probably I should have measured the one I just knit before I ripped it back.)



In other disastrous knitting news –






I handwashed this sucker because I was feeling a little protective of it. I guess I should have read the soap carefully. That part on the bottle where it says it might BLEACH A BIG SWIRL ON YOUR HANDKNIT FRICKIN SWEATER didn’t get my attention. Seriously? SERIOSLY?

Eh – I just leave him in the stroller when we go out and nobody knows its there. 😉

No, really – I put it in the washing machine and it faded quite a bit. I think one or two more washes and it’ll be uniformly faded. Good Lord. Here I was, trying to do right by it, and this. Then I throw it in w/ the rest of the clothes and it does just fine – gets softer and yummier and totally survives with no odd discolorations. Urgh.




The beads have still not been turned into fabulous handmade jewelry. They *have* been sprayed (one one side.) And here they sit, waiting for someone to remember them and give them another hit w/ the clear coat.


The clear really made their colors look great.


Maybe we’ll spray them again today, and actually string them tomorrow. That way, come Wednesday, we can start a new project! I know, crazy! Hey – anything can happen.



I did manage to create one winner this week. I started a project. I finished that same project. At no point did I have to start completely over, or lose time to buffoonery. Sure, finishing it up at 2am means there’s some pretty ugly sewing on some of it, but nothing you’ll see on this blog. Its all about the artfully cropped photo, people.

Speaking of artfully cropped – I can’t show you this project yet. Its a gift for a blog stalker, so I have to actually give it to her before I show it to you. I can tease you, however –


Whatever could it be?






That’s it for now. Tomorrow – the other 47,000 pictures I took of this project, new plans for pink yarn, and maybe bead stringing 101 (hey – miracles happen every day.)





4 responses to “Backwards progress

  1. Whatever you’re creating it looks amazing. 🙂

  2. oooooh, looks like it’s going to be super cute! love the colors!

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  4. is it a pillow?

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