Finally what? Finally I post? Finally I got that gift to its recipient so I could blog about it? Finally I started knitting something out of that pink yarn?




I know, a bag. Shocking, right? But wait – there’s more…



I was planning to make matching Mommy/daughter aprons, but then she gave Jayne an apron and chef’s hat (which you can see in action here. Heh.) and talked about how her daughter loved hers sooo…. time to think up something new. I’m calling this “The Enabler Gift.” You’re thinking “A bag? What does that enable you do do? Carry stuff?” But look inside –




Oh yeah, baby. Dishcloth cotton.



She wants to learn to knit, and I think a dishcloth is a waaaaaay better first project than a scarf. Holy cow – a scarf for your first project? I wonder how many would-be knitters ended up poking out an eye with the knitting needle rather than finish their first scarf. Endless rows of painfully slow garter stitch? Are you kidding me?

The ballband dishcloth, however, is a pretty quick knit. Even for a beginner. Plus, all the color changing makes it interesting. You want to keep going just till the next stripe. Ooh, maybe I’ll just finish this knit row. Oh, well, I’m practically to the next color change, might as well just finish this bit…. and suddenly you have a dishcloth. For those of you who have no earthly idea what I’m talking about, you can find nice examples here, here, and here. See how cool? So much nicer than a boring sponge, no? I went through a serious dishcloth (or warshrag, for MDK fans) phase where I knit approximately 72 billion of them and bought up balls of peaches and cream every time I went to WalMart. But I seem to have given most away – I could only find a couple of faded ones in my kitchen.

Ooh – as I was typing that I thought “Hey, didn’t I take a picture of a couple right after I knit them? Answer – yes! Of course I did! I photographed my pizzas and those only took an hour to make, why wouldn’t I capture my dishcloths for all time?



That orange/red/yellow one is awful. I don’t know what I was thinking. Looks like the inside of a McDonalds, circa 1980.



Anyway – the bag had enough yarn for one cloth, needles, a pattern, and a little swatch so she could see what it was supposed to look like as she was knitting it. In the end, she will have learned to/practiced casting on, knit, purl, slipping stitches, yarn forward and yarn back, and binding off. There is like 3 rows of knit to every one of purl – perfect for a slow beginner. Also, in the end? She can wipe her counters with style.



The gift that says “Come a little closer! Pay no attention to the rumors that learning to knit will eat up all your free time, money, and space (you need room for the yarn, afterall.) These are lies put out by the crochet community to keep knitters numbers down. Really. There’s no danger here. Its just a fun way to pass the time on a train. I can stop at any time. Really. Come on – you know you want to try it…”



I just realized – I’ve turned into Julie. 😐



As for the pink yarn, I’ve started these.  Too cute not to.  I have no pictures of my progress because so far I’ve only managed about half a sole and its really not interesting enough to photograph (as opposed to all the other scintillating images I share with you.)  Maybe next post.

Right, well – I’ve got people coming over in about 20 minutes and at this point have sucessfully avoided mopping my floors.  Better go get out of my jammies. (Don’t worry – I’ll change back into them after they leave.  I have a reputation to uphold around here, after all.)

Ciao for now!





4 responses to “Finally!

  1. cute as ever!!!

  2. I just realized – I’ve turned into Julie.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing…


  3. Not baaad. Just ironic after all the crap I give you about peer pressure. :rollseyes:

    (Hmm – somehow I seem to have morphed into peer-pressuring-calc-Julie, but not awesome-knitter-spinner-master-chef-Julie. Dammit!)

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