For Suz –

– who complains daily about my lack of blogging. I have to be in just the right mood, ok? Nobody wants to read bitchy rants every day. Geesh.

Anyway – on to the actual blogging….


Hello gorgeous!



I’m getting as much done on the window as I can, which isn’t much. Joe is out of town and with nobody else around to distract the kiddos, I can’t do very much painting. Jonas didn’t bother me when I was working on the living room window, but maybe because this is in his room he feels possessive? Or maybe in the months since I finished the living room his love of painting has really blossomed and now he can’t stand to be left out? Whatever it is, he doesn’t give me a moment’s peace. “JONAS PAINT THE WINDOW!” Exhausting.



Pay attention to those turtles – there’ll be a quiz later.



I’m trying to paint it in pieces, instead of just starting at the top and working my way down. A whole fish. All the stars. A turtle. Etc. That way it’ll look like increasingly cool sun catchers  until its done, instead of a half-finished painting. I think its coming along pretty nicely. The whole “I only have so much paint and this is the color I have the most of so this is the color I’ll be using” aspect of it is making things interesting. Jaynie insisted that “Octopuses are PURPLE!”, but this one is orange and that’s that. I think he’ll look awesome against blue and purple water.

Speaking of color – see that color on his eyes? Not the blue, the color of the (rings? outlines?) around the whites? The name of that color is “Charcoal Black”. “Black” is in the name of that paint. Not “practically clear unless you squint and tilt your head and look at it just right.” Black. Come ON Plaid! You can’t make a darker color for your “black”? So much for the brilliant idea (Joe’s!) to have black around the octopus, like he was inking up the water.

Speaking of color again – those turtles. Those turtles are taunting me. I painted the one on the left having never used the celadon (body color) before, and was really disappointed in how blah it was. The shell was awesome, the body was… blah. I stressed and raged and bitched to Joe about it, and then painted the second one with an emerald body instead of making them match. Somewhere in my brain was the thought that maybe when I was done I’d go back and peel up the celadon (am I spelling that right? Spell check seems to have never heard of the word. Yes, I could go check the paint bottle, but that would involve getting up.) and repaint the blah turtle to match the other.

Now that the 2nd turtle is dry… I really think I hate it. Too much jewel tone. Somehow with the body that color, you can’t even tell there are three colors in the shell. It looks like its all emerald and big splashes of lime. The first turtle is way more interesting to look at. The blah body was maybe juuuust right for that fancy shell. So, do I –

  1. Leave them be – one is a boy and one is a girl and that’s why they look different
  2. Peel up the emerald and repaint w/ the celadon
  3. Peel up both and try yet another shade of green
  4. Get drunk and attempt to forget the damn turtles ever existed


Joe says I need to just let it go. Just leave them be. Then he ruined it with this argument – “Who is this for? Jonas? Do you really think Jonas cares what color the turtles are?” Are you kidding me? Would Jonas care? Hellloooo! I’m going to pour hours of my life into this painting, then leave it a color that doesn’t make me happy (truth be told – downright pisses me off) and walk away? So instead of looking at the window with pride and joy, I can always stare right at that ridiculously bright turtle and wonder WHY I felt the need to use the LAST of my emerald green in such a horrific way? Grumble bitch moan.

(When I feel this unreasonable anger towards the turtles, I just stare into the octopus’s lovely blue eyes and know that at least he loves me. He’s well behaved. He hasn’t pissed me off just yet. Of course, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do w/ his suckers, so we’ll see how I feel about him next week.)




Also in the works – a quilt for Jonas. I bought a twin sized duvet cover from IKEA and I’m turning it from a cute blanket into a work of art. Stay tuned.

Hmmmm… Ooh. And I’m making a “princess skirt” for Jayne out of stash fabric and some tulle. She pawed through everything I had and picked out some hot pink w/ white polka dots, some cream w/ pink flowers, and pink tulle. Considering the kid usually walks around with more than one skirt on, it doesn’t surprise me that she’s wanting a layered look. Now I have to decide if I’m making something I want her to wear out in public, or if I’m just going wild and making her yet another dress-up skirt. Decisions….

I’ll leave you with this sweet face…


What? You thought it would be one of the kids? They’re terrorists! Not “sweet”! (Can you tell I’m on my own here? Two measly days he’s been gone and I’m bonding with the octopus and calling the children terrorists. Its possible I’m being overly dramatic here……… but probably not.)




2 responses to “For Suz –

  1. personally I wouldn’t peel anything til you are completely done…..2 possibilities….color could grow on you …&/or…you could run out of paint and wish you had left well enough alone….waiting til you’re done=no waste

    looking fab!!!!

  2. love the octopus, i also really like the left turtle…. maybe just crop the right turtle out when you take pics of this? : )
    na seriously looks good, go with option 4. get drunk and forget the turtles ever existed.

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