You feel that?  That’s a smug sense of accomplishment.  I’m blasting it out over the internet, straight into your homes.  Yes, folks, after a measly 2 1/2 months (oye), Jonas’s window is done, done, DONE!


It casts this crazily beautiful and peaceful blue light all over the room.  I was trying to get it here, but it seems impossible to capture with the camera.  Trust me – it’s like a color-therapy room in a spa.  Whether it has the power to calm my little Terrorist… well, I won’t hold my breath on that one.


I love it.  I mean, I really, really love it.  Sure, there are some parts I hate.  There are always some parts I hate of everything I make.  The thing that I hate about this window are the fish that are so pale they look white.  Particularly the big one right above the octopus.


Yeah, I’m talking to you.  You freaky albino freak.


My original plan was for all the fish to be orange, red, and bright yellow.  Then I painted the stars and octopus and thought there was too much orange, red, and bright yellow already on there.  So I used those blah pastels.  Now, with the the water all filled in, I see that any measly amounts of warm colors are completely overwhelmed anyway.  There is definitely not too much orange on this thing.  Next time I do a big, complicated one like this I will have to remember to paint the background FIRST.  It makes such a difference in how the other color choices work (or don’t.)

Also – that fish looked yellow before the blue went on, I swear.  Now it looks white.  Annoying.

This is a lot of ranting, when overall I’m extremely pleased.  More pictures of my lovely –


Love the way the tentacles look against the blue water.


I no longer have any anger towards either of the turtles.  Once the background got painted, they both look great.  Too bad I can’t say the same for that sickly fish…


Still the best part.  I experimented with using the clear to add texture after I had already painted with a color (look at the blue eyes – see the swirls?)  I love it.  I may have to go back and texturize the entire thing.  (Spell check is telling me that texturize isn’t a word.  I can use texturing or moisturize.  But I have faith that you guys know what I mean.)



Two windows down, one to go.  Next up is Violet Jayne’s “Organized window.  Like the living room. Not all crazy like Jonas’s.”  Hmph.  Turns out she’s Joe’s kid after all.


21 responses to “Ahhhhhhh.

  1. Grandma Sharon

    looks great, and I found this post on only my second check of your site today, so can skip checks 3 & 4

    lots of love,

  2. Gorgeous! Really, really cool.


  3. this is amazing!!! i saw it on craftster- you have a great sense of humor. my husband and I are sitting here cracking up over your comments. thanks!

  4. Wonderful!!
    I saw this on craftster as well, and had to check out the blog. Would you be interested in exchanging links for blogs? If so just leave me a comment! 🙂
    I love the texture especially!!

  5. I’m also stalking you on Craftster and found your link! 🙂

    Fantastic window!
    My landlord would kill me haha.

    I have these huge windows that face an accounting office so I’m trying to think something up. I might place shelves across them and decorate with glass pieces and coloured bottles.

    I’m glad your anger towards the turtles ebbed because I think they’re fab. 🙂

    I sure as hell can’t paint like you can!
    Awesome job!

  6. oliveloafdesign

    holy cow i love it! i saw your window on crafter & had to leave you a message! your window is really groovy…i may have to post about it on my blog. AND i have some windows that i’d love to do away with the blinds for & didn’t like any of the peel & stick stuff that’s out there. you totally inspired me ! thanx. Stacy of OliveLoaf Design

  7. It’s beautiful!!! I can’t stop staring at it! You’ve inspired me! Now I want to do this at OUR house!

    You have wonderful talent!

  8. I can see myself doing this in place of tacky frosted glass on my future bathroom… Hubby and I are going house hunting looking to buy in ’09!

  9. yourfriendandy

    Awesome work!

    Reminds me of when I was little. My mom’s hobby was stained glass art.

    I really dig your cartoony style.

    . . . And the fish aren’t that dull in color!



  10. Wow! You’re a celebrity!

  11. My husband just sent me a picture of your window. I absolutely love it! Bright colors are right up my style. As for it being painted in an apartment, does it peel right off? What is the permanence of the paint you used?

    I hope you will share your next window painting when you complete it! Thanks!

  12. Wow! Those windows are really amazing!

  13. The designs are beautiful. I haven’t seen glass paints used in the United States. When I volunteered at an orphanage in Haiti, a Swiss artist created stained glass on the chapel windows because it was all they could afford. I was amazed at the effect then, and still wonder at the translucent beauty. I’ll have to look harder to find them here. Great work.

  14. This is sooo cool!! I did something similar way back in my high school days (early 70’s) on my bedroom windows. If they had glass paints back then I didn’t know about them, I used watercolors. I feel sorry for whoever had to clean that off, they were still painted when mom sold the house!

  15. Amazing! I love it! I also love that you can peel it off later. Great for kids’ rooms and their changing ideas of what they like. Now I just have to think of a design for my daughter’s room.

  16. I love it, and the little pale fishes make me happy….they get to hang out with the bright fish and be swim-happy there too….I’m all for the underdog (under-fish?)

  17. This is beyond awesome! I first saw it on Craftster and had to come check out the blog of such a creative and talented soul.

    Very, very nice.

    Now, to try my hand at my kitchen’s 12 panel glass paned door. *smile*

  18. Ohh, gorgeous – and I actually really like the albino fish! They lighten the overall effect.

  19. do you know all these commenters?
    i really like the finished product. ive even forgiven that right turtle, looks good with the water colored in. : )

    and go easy on the “freaky albino freak”… thats actually a term i use to discribe you regularly.

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  21. I found your work at crafster and had to say wow awesome work.Did you do it free hand and what else do you do?I only discovered craftster today and I am in awe with the talent makes my creative juices flow lol.

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