Uh… Hi!

Well hello there, 47,000 strangers.  Who knew that coming out of the Craftster closet would have this effect on my blog.  Two days ago I got 4 views.  Now I’m a “hot new project”, a “fastest growing blog”, and have had my stuff posted in a foreign language.   (We tried to translate that, the best we could do was

Great window car park , car park even if to him …. ……  possibility lady …… sea ……. paint. ……  much even if beautiful ripe. Look at ……, here and here.

which is killing us.  If anyone speaks Turkish and wants to fill in the blanks (or explain the car park thing), feel free to help out. )

For those of you who have been reading this from the beginning because you are related to me or just love me (all four of you) and don’t know what Craftster is.. check it out.  It’s over there on my blogroll under “places that get me into trouble.”  Go.  Get into some trouble of your own. 😉


Now – back to our regularly scheduled blogging. (AKA – Jenn’s faux-modest bragging.)


Wait – there’s a method to my madness..



I know, I know.  You are (quite correctly) saying “Hey!  We’ve seen this!”  But have you?  Have you seen the actual finished product?  I don’t think you have!  Because those thin stripes down the sides (and across the top, not that I can actually capture them with the camera) were not painted until last night.  They’ve been sitting there, unfinished, causing me no little amount of pain and anguish (mostly because they were a very easy target and Joe gave me an endless amount of crap for leaving the window undone for so long.)  Now that I’m actually done with the ocean scene, and knew I had some blue (as opposed to thinking “If I paint these borders blue, then run out while attempting to finish the underwater paradise, I’m going to have to throw myself  into Vesuvius.”), I could finish them up.  And I think they really make the window.  It looks so… serious now.  Complete.  Done.  Like it’s supposed to look like that.  Like “What?  You don’t have crazy rainbow circles on your windows?”  I love it.


I swear, I am not just recycling these images from the old post.  They are brand new.  Look!  You can almost see the top border in this one!  I swear, it exists.  Sure, both the sides and top only exist because I’m too lousy at math to take up the entire window space with the exact number of the exact right size circles, but whatever!  They look great!


Also, with my newfound internet rockstar-ness comes helpful readers.  Margarete writes in to let me know the German word for this style of stained (fused?) glass is Butzenglas or butzenscheiben, to help me  be a more effective Googler.  And look!  It works!  Butzensheiben! Butzenglas!  See?  I’m not just making this stuff up!  (Of course, now that I’m able to Google this I see that most of it looks like that second example – where the rows of circles are staggered to reduce the negative space to little triangles and I like that look SO MUCH BETTER it’s KILLING ME.  Joe has already started the “Huh.  I guess you’ll just have to peel it all up and start again now.” campaign (just his latest effort to drive me crazy.  One day it will work and then where will he be?  Dead, that’s where.)


Madam is all ready for me to paint her (organized, not crazy) window now.  I, however, feel like I need a break from Gallery Glass fumes.  We’ll be driving up to Venice next week, so it’s time to start figuring out what knitting to bring.  Maybe she’ll finally get that little wrap sweater for ballet (just in time for summer!)

So, for all you newbies – hi.  Welcome.  Come again.  I’ll try to post more than once a month (stop laughing, Mom.)  To all (four of) you regulars – don’t worry. They’ll be gone soon, and it’ll be back to procrastination and never finishing projects. 😉


3 responses to “Uh… Hi!

  1. ah, I’m one of the (many) from Craftster… but I’m glad to have discovered a new blog to love!

  2. Hi Jenn,
    the turkish website, where your “anti-curtain project” has been a post, they stated: “The woman, who is complaining about her big windows, which are facing the parking and the parking facing her, painted her windows with sea creatures. I think it turned out very beautiful. If you would like to check out, here and here.” It is a website, where the subscribers can post tutorials, ideas they come acrros when they surf. 🙂 So I hope this can ease your curiosity 🙂 I love the window painting by the way. 🙂

  3. Thank you! That parking lot bit was making me crazy. Although I’m not sure it’s fair to say I was “complaining”. Do I seem whiny to you people? Or is it just the Turkish that think so? 😉

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