Blog Hiatus

I’m off to Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, and Fuerteventura.   Yeah, I know.   A little jealousy is normal in this situation, just try not to let it eat you alive. 😉

When I get back, Joe leaves, so theoretically there could be tons of crafting to post about.  With nobody to hang out with in the evenings, I could become a knitting machine!  I could paint the huge glass balcony doors!  I could finally do that Jonas painting for his room!  I could make quilts for everyone, alter all my “I bought this because it was on clearance, but it doesn’t actually fit me” clothes, make dresses for the Twink, and reorganize all my crafting supplies.

(Probably what will actually happen is I’ll be ranting a lot on my other blog about how difficult life is as a single parent to two terrorists.  Who has energy for crafting after 14 hours of saying NO and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PUT YOUR BROTHER DOWN!  So if this place becomes just a memory, that’s where you can find me.)

Ciao for now!


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