All the other girls will be SO JEALOUS!

Approximately 12 years ago, I bought a ton of pink and white tulle to make dress-up stuff for the Twink.   Maybe five years after that, I made her this.  Despite her early enthusiasm, she very rarely wears it, and would never even CONSIDER wearing it to ballet class.  Hmph.

Last week another girl wore a very fancy tutu instead of a normal leotard and tights.  Violet did “not have the prettiest outfit in class!”  Something obviously had to be done.

Check out the hands and feet!  She’s learning actual *ballet* in this ballet class!  No, seriously!  Go here for proof. 🙂


I took a piece of tulle that’s about four meters long and maybe four meters wide (yeah – I was surprised, too.  I’d never unfolded it all the way before) and folded folded folded it until it was four meters long and about 18 inches wide.  Then I stiched all along one side to keep it folded up like that (I had ultimately planned to cut open the other side so all the layers were visible, but the Twink and I are both happy with the bubble skirt look, so I’m leaving it be.)  I’ve read a lot of bitching and moaning on Craftster about gathering tulle, so I will share with you all my 30 second unprofessional method –

  1. Get a piece of scrap yarn the size of your kid’s waist.
  2. Sew one end of it to one end of your tulle tube.
  3. Feed yarn through the tube to the other end.
  4. Sew other end of yarn to other end of tulle
  5. Congratulate yourself on gathering four meters of fabric down to 20-something inches in less than a minute.  Go ahead and feel superior, you’ve earned it.

Then I attached a sash to the top, finished the ends, and voila!  Tutu.  (It’s not a complete circle – you tie it on like an apron.)

Yes, those are purple undies on display for the entire internet.  I tried to get her to put on her leotard for the pics, but she insisted that the pink tank top was “just fine” and that the “people who read the blog won’t even be able to tell the difference!”


I’m incredibly pleased with how it turned out.  It took me less than an hour from idea to the kiddo wearing it (quite a bit faster than the foofy white one), and not only did she wear it to class, but as she was putting it on she smoothed it down with her hands while whispering to herself “All the other girls will be SO JEALOUS!” in an incredibly evil/happy voice.  So this one’s a winner.  (Which is good, considering I never did finish that nightgown for her…..)


2 responses to “All the other girls will be SO JEALOUS!

  1. “people who read the blog won’t even be able to tell the difference!”

    its good to see that violet has such a high opinion of us.

  2. So, did you get that email I sent you from about the petticoats?

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