Tutu number two

This blog gets more hits from people searching for “handmade birthday gift” than any other search term (every now and then, someone searches for “see jenn craft” or “jenn crafts” or “jenn painted window” and it gives me a warm fuzzy that not only do they remember my name, they can spell it right. I’ve known my friend Hooch for five years now and she never uses that extra N. 😉 )

Last time I was making a birthday gift, it was for a two-year-old boy. This time, it’s a four-year-old princess who had her birthday almost two months ago. (This time frame for gift giving is not surprising my family at all, they are used to watching the mail for Christmas presents around President’s Day.) The pink tutu went over so well w/ the Twink, I thought it would be just the thing.


Now not *all* the other girls will be jealous, just *most* of them.


Same technique as the last one – fold fold fold, sew shut, thread yarn through to gather, add sash, voila. Birthday gift fit for a princess. Well, almost. I thought it still needed *something*. Something that would push it from “cute tutu” to “fabulous birthday outfit.” Then I remembered this. Aaaah. Now we’re on to something.


Floral fabric matches the sash on her skirt. Also – please see this kid’s cheek as proof that my son isn’t the only one who thinks he can fly. Gravity’s a bitch.


The gifts were well received (when I put the crown on her head she said “I’m a QUEEN!”), and worn home. So much more satisfying than buying a Barbie. 🙂




And as this wouldn’t be my blog without a “don’t let this happen to you” themed anecdote, I will give you this quick word of advice: it is not smart to choose closing your crown into a circle as your very first step.


Seriously.  The very first step.  I had to do all the stitching the layers together, all the zig zagging around the shapes, everything, with it in a circle instead of laying flat.  Genius.



Next month I’m going to a first birthday party.  I’m currently accepting suggestions for what I could make for a one-year-old girl.  Hmmmmmm…..


3 responses to “Tutu number two

  1. I suck

  2. Really, that’s all I was trying to say.

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