In the grooooove.

Yesterday Madam watched me sew for another little girl with a pretty complete lack of enthusiasm. I mean, sure, she already *had* a new tutu, but still! Why was I making stuff for the other kid? I could be making stuff for her! She doesn’t even HAVE a crown like that! And what about that nightgown I promised? Huh? WHERE’S THE NIGHTGOWN?????

Yeah – it doesn’t match my pants. In the end, I thought something that was pink and would get worn was a better choice than something that was blue, orange, brown, and would sit at the bottom of her drawer. Plus, now with all that leftover I can make myself a skirt out of the other fabric. 😉


It is totally not what I was originally intending it to look like, but I kinda like it. It’s made out of thrift store sheets, and is super soft and flowy and comfy. She’s practically naked from the waist up –

Would you look at that tan? I swear, I use sunscreen on the kid.


– which is nice for the hot summer. Plus, it leaves lots of exposed back for kisses. 🙂

I kind of just threw it together without a plan, and there’s plenty about it that I’m not crazy about. But, it’s a nightgown. It was made with the intention that it would never leave the house – strictly for sleeping in and bumming around in the morning. And for that use, it’s perfect. It’s very comfortable, and just “princessy” enough to make her want to wear it. Another successful day of sewing.


3 responses to “In the grooooove.

  1. OK, I’m here. It’s been four days since your last post, miss “I’ll post every day so Daddy can see his kids, whom he loves sooooo much.”

  2. Bridget see the picture and says, “I can’t wait for Jaynie to spend the night and she can wear that beautiful dress and I can borrow it….” You are the best mother ever according to Bridget;)

  3. P.S.- This whole Violet thing is getting old, I am no longer grandfathered in for Jaynie, I too must call her Violet. Bridget said she will never call her Violet. A sad, sad day….

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