Cheapo Mom reuses same dress over and over, calls it “crafting”!

A long, long time ago, when Violet looked like this –


Awwwww. Look how cute! So soft and squishy! You know what else? She didn’t TALK back then, either!


– I took her to Old Navy and bought somewhere in the neighborhood of 36 sundresses for her to wear the next summer. Because they were on clearance, and that’s how I roll. One was a bright pink and white and yellow and orange and every color I would love tiered number, that cost me all of seven bucks. In 2004, it was in a box, waiting for it’s chance in the sun.

In 2005, it was being worn all over town by the cutest toddler on the planet –


Ok, not the best picture of the dress – but who CARES?! Look at that face!


You would think that would be it, the end of the size 12 – 18 month dress, but you’d be wrong. Seven bucks is way too much to spend on something that only gets worn for one season. πŸ˜‰

In 2006, unfortunately, the dress was in a box somewhere during the summer months. See, we did this little thing we like to call an “international move”, and had to work without 85% of our wardrobes for the months of June, July, August, and September.

But in 2007 the dress came back with a vengeance. While packing up a bunch of outgrown clothes to ship off to Madam’s cousin, I found it and several others that seemed like they’d be too short, but not too tight. Throw on a pair of capris and –


Voila! Cutey-cute tunic! (Still not a great picture of this dress. For something that was maybe my favorite little dress of hers for the past FOUR YEARS, you’d think I’d have a decent shot of it.)


That brings us up to 2008. My gigantic almost-kindergardener is officially too big for the size 12 – 18 month dress. Her chest would not have fit into it this year. So, you ask, finally time to pass it on? Ha, I answer. I can get at least one more summer out of this! Watch and learn, people.


She sure has come a long way from that baby on the bed.


Easiest project in the world. Cut off very top of dress. Make casing. Thread in elastic to fit. Ta da – you can save money on new skirts, AND get to see her in her baby dress for another summer. I love love love her wearing this thing. I’m transported straight back to that beach where I built sand castles with my Twink for the first time.

And no, it’s not super lopsided. The reason it looks so much shorter in the back is that she insists on wearing it this low in the front –


Where did those baby chubs go? Sigh.


I don’t know what she has against waistbands that actually sit on her waist, but all I ever hear is “NOT on my BELLY!” Another good reason for everything she owns to have an elastic waist. See – it’s not *totally* about my fear of zippers. πŸ˜‰

Next up on this blog – my incredible thrift store score, or “What the hell am I going to do with a size 3XL prom dress???”


3 responses to “Cheapo Mom reuses same dress over and over, calls it “crafting”!

  1. It *is* crafting because most of us wouldn’t know how to transform a dress into a skirt and still have it look that cute!

  2. Oooh, that IS a good idea! I posted on my blog recently about having turned pants into skirts, but I would not have thought of this.

    Of course, I have three girls and so it takes a LONG time for a dress to be finished being worn as a dress. :p

  3. Hey my daughter is exactly the same! I get wails of “Not on my tummy Mum!” all the time.

    Love the skirt idea! We have used the dress to top idea but not the skirt. Now I know what to do (complete with elastic waistband). Thank you for the idea!

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