Easy recon and a window update…

First the recon –

I am more comfy wearing pants or capris than skirts or dresses. Especially when I’m hot and sweaty. Right now, all the female readers larger than a size 6 are nodding their heads. The rest of you – don’t worry about it.

Problem is, I loves me the dresses and skirts. I don’t really ever look at any other department when I’m cruising through Old Navy. I’m a girly girly girl, and my skirt wardrobe just keeps growing and growing.

What to do? Well, I had a brainstorm while shopping for a slip. I wandered from lingerie to pj’s and got a pair of off-white, soft jersey fabric pants. I cut them off right above the knee, and now I wear them under all my skirts, not just the white ones. Problem solved.

Why am I telling you all this? Do I just enjoy the humiliation of exposing the truth about my undergarments online? Well, there is that. But also, there’s this –


Look! I cleaned my floor so we don’t have to do all our photo shoots outside!


The pants were almost solid cream jersey, but on one leg down at the bottom there were these big pink flowers. I thought that was too pretty to just throw in the trash.


Yes. My need to save stuff “just in case” extends to the cut-off legs of pajama pants.


I cut it to the right length, made a casing on the top, threaded elastic through, (sound familiar? Here we have the description of every single one of my sewing projects… ever.) and voila! Cute tube top for little miss “I refuse to wear sleeves ever again.” At least with this we’ll get a little relief from the all tank tops all the time parade that’s been going through here lately.


Three pictures a little overkill for such a simple project? I couldn’t help it – she was being such a ham. I took somewhere in the neighborhood of 47, so be thankful I was able to pare them down to just these.



In other news, the window is now full color –


I swear, it actually makes the octopus one seem boring.


As you all know, I’ve been planning to now go in and add layers of color, textures, etc. More dots like in those hearts. Swirls of clear on top of the color to give it dimension, etc. But it’s just so friggin awesome already, and also so busy, now I’m second guessing myself. Anyone wanna weigh in here? I usually feel this way when I’m painting, too, and then I go for it and love it so much more when I’m done. So it’s possible I’ll look back at these pics in a week and think “Look how boring it was! I’m so glad I added these details!” Or it’s possible that it’ll look exactly the same because I’ll decide it’s gorgeous already and I still have my room to clean before Joe gets home.


Last one. Well, for now.


Can you see how it makes her room pink?  Jonas’s is this amazing calm blue.  Violet’s is pink pink pink.  Not the most restful shade, but she’s so unbelievably happy with it.  I’m Rockstar Mommy (for now.  Until I force her to wear a tshirt somewhere.)

So – opinions?  Do it up?  Leave well enough alone?  I’m too close – I need outside input.


8 responses to “Easy recon and a window update…

  1. Leave well enough alone.

    Go clean your room.

    Then update the website.

    Then you can add texture; it’s important to let a little time pass to provide the proper perspective.

    Trust me, there’s lots of decisions I wish I had waited on before making.

    Well, not lots. Just one.

    Picking Naples over San Antonio.

  2. Hmmm. Maybe we could hear from someone who isn’t quite so invested in whether or not my room is clean?

  3. You know you want too….so just do it. Space out your “artsy” atempts so even when you only have a few textured pieces it still looks complete.

  4. Do it up! You had such a great time doing it, so keep going, it doesn’t have to end now! It’s like finishing a book, and then yeah!, you have the sequel right there to start!

  5. ok, i have no advice, but i do have a prediction.
    i predict that you will “do it up” and the main reason for this is to avoid cleaning your room : )
    you will also be very happy with it when its finished, but seriously, if you didnt have a room to clean, you would just leave it as it is. its ok to admit you already started adding the texture after thinking to yourself “self, you should be cleaning your room right now….. “

  6. Greatest. Comment. Ever.

    And no, I will not be confirming whether or not I’ve been cleaning or painting…

  7. Well, I know what you chose, but I shall not tell. 😉 I love the window, it is fabulous! I’m thinking that wen we get to our first duty station you have to come to visit and help me do a window. 🙂 Note, the not artistically inclined say one window and not all. lol

  8. you are so amazingly talented I am soooo jealous, I can barely sew a button on a pair of pants, I love the window it looks absolutely perfect I am inspired, but I am not so much with the crafty thing, I get ideas and make eric execute he sighs and then eventually goes with it and acts like it was his idea which I am fine with since it always comes out nice anyway I might try to do the skirt thing I have a feeling island is gonna want pretty clothes!

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