Get ’em while they’re young

That way, they don’t have time to decide that whatever it is you’re doing isn’t “cool”.  You’re the Mom! EVERYTHING you are doing is cool!  Neat-o!  Something they want to do RIGHT NOW THIS SECOND!  Take advantage of that enthusiasm.  What they lack in fine-motor skills, they more than make up for in a desire to learn.  Observe –


Why, yes!  That is the Twink with pink yarn and ginormous needles!


I looooooove the little tongue-out I’M CONCENTRATING! look on her face here.  It was a little tricky, teaching her to knit in an entirely different way than I do, but I figure if armpit knitting is good enough for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, than it’s good enough for my girl. 😉


Of course, now I’ve got her brother following me around, “helping” me with my yarn (ie: creating the biggest knot known to man.)  Sorry, kiddo, it’s still fingerpaints and sidewalk chalk for you.  We’ll work on the crafts that involve math after you master POOPING IN THE POTTY! (Sorry, my Mom blog seems to have spilled over a bit into the craft side.  Tomorrow I’ll try to post about the 398479384738 sewing projects I’ve been doing, *without* using the word “Poop”. Promise.)


3 responses to “Get ’em while they’re young

  1. So adorable. When you have finished teaching V, can you come teach me? I still can’t “cast off”. WTH? 😉 We could exchange knitting for babsysitting. I hear your into that kind of trade off. 🙂

  2. come on jen, when is the last time you went 10 min with out saying poop? before you say “last night while i was sleeping” i should tell you that joe told me you say “poop” ever few seconds in your sleep.

  3. side note : )
    very impressive getting violet there to knit : )

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