Fun with Tshirts, part 1

Lately, I cannot stop making shopping bags out of tshirts.  Seriously.  Can. Not. Stop.

A couple of years ago, when I read this post on MDK (It’s the last one at the bottom – you’ll know it when you see it.) I thought “Wow.  Now that is obsessed.  I don’t think I could ever make that many of anything without wanting to eat my own yarn.”

Then I discovered the joy that is sewing up the bottom of a tshirt and calling it a bag.  We have way more cloth shopping bags than one house could possibly  need.  Maybe I’ll take some photos and do a freaky “welcome to my crazy” post like Kay.

But today?  We have some (slightly) more creative tshirt projects to discuss.  First on the list is everyone’s favorite – the ripped off from some wonderfully creative person on Etsy monster shirt!


Grrrr.  Argh.


I saw these shirts a couple of years ago and thought HOW CUTE!  HOW FUN!  HOW EASY TO DUPLICATE! (Sorry, creative Etsy vendor.)  I’m assuaging my guilt by not selling, or even giving any away as gifts.  Surely there’s nothing wrong in seeing a cute idea and using it to make your own child a shirt?  Right? Yes?  Moving on.

I actually made this applique for baby Jonas (I’m going to say right around 1 year), but liked it so much that when he outgrew the shirt I cut it out and saved it to reuse on a bigger one.  I think it’s just as cute the second time around.

Jonas likes his monster shirt, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not like monsters are what he’s obsessed with.  He’s not living, breathing, eating, sleeping monsters.  I make Violet tutus and princess outfits and magic wands, what could I make for Jonas that would inspire the same amount of giddy joy?  Of out and out excitement?  What could I make that he would want to wear every single day, while telling me what a great Mom I am?  Oooh!  I’ve got it!


Yes, really.  Also – I need to point out that he did the styling for this photo himself.  When I asked if I could take a picture of him in his bowling shirt, he yelled “WAIT!  I just need to get a bowling pin!”


Sorry, ladies.  I’ve got the Mom of the Year award in the bag thanks to that shirt.  Better luck next year.


One response to “Fun with Tshirts, part 1

  1. Oh my goodness that is absolutely adorable!! I love that he is more crazy for bowling than monsters. 🙂

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