Fun with Tshirts, part 2

When I last left you, I was busy appliqueing any little boy shirt that got close enough to my sewing machine. I knew there was a reason I still had all those little baby washcloths!  Terry-cloth bowling pins are fantastically soft, AND absorbent! Score!

Well, of course I cannot be permitted to sew for the boy without bestowing twice as much crafty goodness on the girl.  Forget the fact that she asks me to make her things then never wears them (as opposed to Mr. “Is my bowling shirt clean?” Jonas.) Forget how he loves to “help” me sew and is really into the whole process while she really wants me to just magically make things appear without having to take any time away from playing with her and/or cleaning up after her.  Forget it.  Just make me something, woman!

Her wish is my command.  A few more reconned tshirts for your viewing pleasure –


This summer she REFUSED to wear anything with sleeves.  Even if it was the Fourth and her only patriotic shirt happened to be a T instead of a tank.  What’s a Mommy to do?


Well – this Mommy didn’t feel like sewing.  So she got out the scissors and cut away everything but the front and a couple of long straps.  It was cute, it was comfy in the heat, it didn’t work so well in the car because the knots bothered her back.  I’ll have to rethink their placement if I ever do something like this again.


Along with refusing to wear anything but tank tops, the Twink generally refuses to wear anything but skirts.  Imagine my surprise when she picked out a tank and shorts outfit at the store as her “first day of school” outfit.  Imagine my complete lack of surprise when we got home, she held up the top, and asked “which of my skirts do you think this will match?”  Argh.

The answer was – none.  She had no skirts that her new top even remotely matched.  I, however, had two mens XL navy tshirts.  Hmmmm.


For those of you who follow my other blog – yeah, she totally didn’t end up wearing this on the first day.  To review – she asked me to buy the outfit.  She then rejected the shorts and conned me into making this skirt.  After all that, she chose to wear an old, slightly stained sundress for her first day of kindergarten.  It’s a miracle she’s survived this long.


This skirt was really quick and easy.  I just cut the bottoms off of the two shirts for the two tiers.  Of course, then I decided that I liked the raw, unfinished edge – so I cut up the hems.  Way to plan ahead.  She’s pretty happy with it, though, considering it’s navy blue.  Blegh.  Princesses very rarely wear navy, or black, or brown.  Those are generally “bad guy colors”.  If I sound like an expert on this, it’s due to the fact that I’ve sat through many a lecture on the subject.  I can tell you that gray is also unacceptable… unless it’s “sparkly, or shiny.  That means it’s actually SILVER, not gray, and that is the color of TIARAS, which makes it VERY princessy.”

While I was cutting up shirts, I opened this one up and stretched it out flat –


Nice toes.


– and had a crazy idea.  I thought to myself  “Hmmmm.  That there is a stretchy circle.  A stretchy, finished circle about the size of the Twink’s waist.  A stretchy, finished circle about the size of the Twink’s waist with a bunch of extra fabric around it.  Hmmmmm.”

So I cut out a circle around the neck hole and  – voila! – with no sewing at all not one tiny bit just cutting no sewing did I say no sewing? because this was seriously a 3 minute project I came up with this –


Twirliness helps offset the un-princessy color.


Super-twirly super-quick super-simple circle skirt.  It sees absolutely no wear thanks to it’s plainness and color, but I feel like if I could be bothered to applique some hearts or flowers or maybe add a ruffle or something it would get worn.  And if I ever find a mens XL shirt in pink I know exactly what to do with it now.

So.  Tshirts.  What do you do with ’em?


One response to “Fun with Tshirts, part 2

  1. My husband collects them. Please feel free to come clean out his closet when he’s not home. Any shirts he has 2 of are fair game! (No, I’m not kidding, he has 2 of plenty of them, cause 1 is not enough when you own 2000 shirts!)

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