What’s so maybe?

I know you all are eager to see the 62 tshirt bags I’ve made, but first a quick post to prove that I do make stuff out of other materials.  It’s not all tshirts all the time over here –


Sometimes, it’s awesome Ikea fabric that I bought for no reason other than I couldn’t leave the store without it, and a thrift store baby blanket that (again) I bought for zero reason whatsoever.  Seriously – I think I bought this blankie after Jonas was already two.  That would make Violet four.  I bought a girl-colored fleece baby blanket when my girl baby was a four year old.  it’s possible I have a bit of a hording problem.


My sister in law had a new baby girl this summer.  When she had her first, Joe handled the new baby gifts.  I remember him shopping and boxing up a bunch of baby boy clothes.  This time, she had the baby while he was in Iraq.  I didn’t even know, because the emails only went to his account.

Weeks later, when he got home, he said something along the lines of “Oh, my sister had the baby.  Can you, like, knit something or something for her?”

Honestly – it’s amazing the man has lasted as long as he has.


All folded up and ready for wrapping.


I thought about it and cursed at Joe and checked out baby clothes online and finally went and stared at my fabric stash for a while and thought “Hmmm.  That Ikea fabric would match that baby blanket that nobody has ever used…. ” and a “quilt” was born.


Maybe Katy.


I’m putting “quilt” in quotes in the same dismissive way McCain says “health” because it’s a pretty lousy quilt.  It’s barely quilted.  Where it is quilted, it’s puckered and amateurish (because God Forbid I read a freaking tute or check out a library book or take a class or something before I do this.  Winging it has always served me sooooooooo well in the past, after all.)  I didn’t piece together the top – the blanket was a patchwork fleece blanket.  I basically cut a piece of fabric to fit, cut letters out of the extra, appliqued them on, then attached the two together (and not all that neatly.)

Love love love the back of this thing.  That fabric is sooo happy.


I unpicked the hem all around the edge of the blanket, cut my fabric the same size as the hemmed version, then rolled the fleece back over the raw edges of the floral to “bind” it.  (Did that make sense?  Here – maybe this will help – )



What did I tell you?  The back is definitely the best part.


This blanket was definitely a learning experience.  It has it’s flaws, (boy, does it ever) but it was made with love for a sweet new niece, it’s soft, it’s happy, it’s more than big enough for learning to roll over and chew on toys and find your feet –


Shown with 35lb terrorist for scale.


– it’s machine washable, it’s girly without being too precious…  I think it works.  It’s certainly good enough to puke on, which is what I remember my kids doing on their blankets at this age.  Well, that and…  eh, let’s just skip the poop talk for once, shall we?

Welcome to the world, Katy girl.  Hope you like your blankie. 🙂


5 responses to “What’s so maybe?

  1. I love it! Did you hand or machine stitch it?

  2. Oh, machine all the way. I keep talking about hand quilting, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…… I am WAY to lazy to ever actually do it. 😉

  3. Oh my goodness, I love it! The colors are amazingly perfect. 🙂

  4. I love it- so fun!

  5. I have no other way to say this so I will just say it…I want the quilt! ITS SO CUTE!!! Ikea and thrift store or not, its ADORABLE!

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