For Julie, Sheri,

… and anyone else nervous about cutting up that sundress to make a skirt.

If I can cut up this fancy flower girl dress –



to make this fabulous princess dress up skirt –

Please note she’s still wearing the gloves. They didn’t make it to the wedding, but when dressing up, they are always worn with this dress skirt.


then you can certainly take scissors to an outgrown sundress, or thrift store find.  Just do it.  It’s not scary, it’s fun.  I promise. 🙂

Along with the peer pressure, I need to send big thanks to Julie for the FOE.  It made this even a quicker, easier project than usual.  Also, it looks super cute –

As always, it’s important that the waistband isn’t actually ON her belly.  “NOT ON MY BELLY!!!”  I see a lot of low-rise jeans in her future.


And considering I basically did this exact thing for half of her Halloween costume, I’ll just throw that in here too.  I took her practice dress, cut off the top, added elastic (blahblahblah etc etc.)  Then I used the satin from this dress and made another of these tops with it.  Add ribbon, tulle, yet another felt crown, and you have a princess costume!


Introducing the Fairest of Them All…   Princess Violet!


This time the peasant blouse really did take me less than an hour, the dress to skirt took maybe 20 minutes.  I can make those crowns in my sleep at this point.  The most time-intensive part was the ribbons on the shirt, but all together I think I spent less than two hours on this, and only used stuff I already had in the house.  She told me it was the “BEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL, MOST PRINCESSY OUTFIT EVER!”  She wore it the day before Halloween to trick-or-treat (don’t ask.)  She wore it to school on Halloween to show it to all her friends.  She wore it Halloween night to the bowling alley.  She wore it the day after Halloween so I could take pictures.  She wore it yesterday just for kicks.

I am SuperMom, hear me roar! 🙂


4 responses to “For Julie, Sheri,

  1. Nice. She couldn’t play dress-up in the pretty dress? It had to be a skirt? (Or did she get too big?)

  2. That top picture there was from last September. Did you think the dress would fit her forever? 😉

  3. since she isnt getting any of the american growth hormones in her beef and chicken we figured she was about done growing.

  4. Awww – I love the idea of cutting up old clothes to make something new. But puhleese don’t make me pull out my sewing machine – I have TOO MANY HOBBIES!

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