Hello, my name is Jenn…

I’ve been doing the Mommy Blog thing for a while, but reading more and more craft (ok, mostly knitting) blogs.  Add that to an inherent need to show off the stuff I make and you have this – brand sparkly new Brag Craft Blog!

Please don’t forget to comment, as I am an attention whore and live for them.

Ciao!  Hope you enjoy!


2 responses to “Hello, my name is Jenn…

  1. Hi! Yet another craftster here. I gathered that you live in Italy (why else would you say ciao and want to throw yourself off Vesuvius?). Me too! Although, I live up in the frozen north (it snows there!). I also wanted to say I love love love your stained glass paint solution, I have that problem with my windows too. Ciao!

  2. Hi, I love the baby blanket you made! My friend has just had a baby girl and has an ‘elmer the patchwork elephant’ nursery. Would love to give her one with those colours! Do you make to order?


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